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Fitzpatrick Law is owned and operated by Loren Fitzpatrick. Loren's passion lies in zealously advocating for his clients while understanding each client's goals may differ.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Loren negotiated labor contracts and settled defective product claims as a mechanical engineer. Later, he attended law school while working in Missoula on family law, personal injury, and products liability cases. 

Loren is also certified to practice in the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribal Court

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Real Estate Law/ Estate Law

Personal Injury/Products Liability

Employment Law/ Covid-19


About Loren

Loren is a navy veteran from Polson, Montana. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Loren negotiated settlement agreements for defective products as a Reliability Engineer.  Following his tenure as an engineer, he completed both his JD, with Honors, and MBA (Masters in Business) at the University of Montana in 2019. He gained experience as a legal intern in the areas of Estate Law, Products Liability Law, Employment Law, and Family Law. He also interned as Legal Counsel for the University of Montana, helping to negotiate contracts and resolve labor disputes. Loren enjoys spending time with his wife and three children when he is not actively advocating for his clients.

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